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facinG AGeism in the work force



In the ERA of #MeToo and #TimesUp, we need to address the Issue of aGeism


Welcome to #SeeMe

Women make up nearly 51% of the population, and 47% of the workforce. Yet they hold only 28% of executive positions. And frankly, if it hasn't happened for a woman by the time she's 45, she's generally #SOL - passed over for consideration for hiring and promotions in favor of younger talent.  Despite the fact that a myriad of studies show that businesses managed by mature women often outperform their competitors.

Why this state of affairs?  After all, people don't come with "use by" dates.  As we approach an era where Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are working into their 70's and 80's, in a nation with a declining birth rate and near full employment, we're going to need all our resources. And those old white-guy definitions of what's marginal, useless and irrelevant need to be tossed out the window (although, frankly, if you old white guys are dealing with ageism too, well, come join us). 

#SeeMe is here to encourage women to own their experience. And to show the world that by respecting and valuing our knowledge, we can make this joint better for everyone. After all, we've been keeping things running for millennia. We can run things in the new millennium, too - just see us for what we are:  people full of talent, drive, determination, spirit, experience ... with real, actual, visible faces.